Hi Menara, I'm in Siem Reap right now in the FCC, having had a hard day temple hopping! My guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. His name is Mr Sok Vuthy, his email address is sokvuthy024@yahoo.com.

He was happy to meet up at 5am and I'm sure how would have continued when I got back to the hotel at 6pm.

You'll have a great time, it's an interesting place which due to it's poverty will also make you reflect about yourself.

Our stay in Cambodia. It was as much a success due mainly to the expertise of our tour Guide Mr Sok Vuthy. He not only carried out company duties but was always congenial, honest and transparent in his dealings and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the success of our holiday.

Jacinth Awolola Hill
We booked our own van with our excellent guide, Sok Vuthy, who took care of us during our whole stay. He and the van were at our disposal from morning till after dinner/shopping at night. We enjoyed our trip tremendously thanks to staying at this hotel, Borei Angkor and having Sok Vuthy as our guide.